Protecting Critical Proprietary Information and Trade Secrets

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Trade Secrets

Meland Russin & Budwick helps companies protect their proprietary information and trade secrets before and during litigation. The firm developed a unique trade-secrets audit, which involves identifying a company’s proprietary information, evaluating the way the company protects this information, and providing recommendations to better secure it. Often, this includes implementing or improving restrictive covenants such as noncompete agreements. The firm also helps companies improve employee hiring and exit procedures to mitigate unwanted disclosure or use of proprietary information. The goal is to prevent litigation, while putting the company in the best-possible position if litigation becomes inevitable.

Sometimes, litigation is necessary to protect proprietary company information, such as when a former employee leaves to work for a competitor or starts a competing business. The firm represents companies and individuals in this type of litigation, including aggressively pursuing noncompete violations and claims for misappropriation of trade secrets. For example, the firm recently obtained a jury verdict in a client’s favor against its former sales director, who secretly set up a competing company using the company’s proprietary information.

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