Judge Won’t Toss Suit Against GE Capital Over $3.6B Scheme

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Judge Won’t Toss Suit Against GE Capital Over $3.6B Scheme

A Florida bankruptcy judge on Thursday denied General Electric Capital Corp.’s bid to escape a suit alleging it participated in the $3.6 billion Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Tom Petters, paving the way for the claims to go to a jury.

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Lawsuit Against GE Finance Unit Over Petters’ Fraud Heads to Trial

A lawsuit against General Electric Co.’s finance unit over its relationship with convicted businessman Thomas Petters, whose $40 billion empire collapsed in 2008, will move to trial as a result of a bankruptcy judge’s ruling on Thursday.

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Meland Russin & Budwick Embraces New Digital Practices to Provide Increased Value to Clients

As part of its commitment to provide maximum value to clients, Meland Russin & Budwick today announced the firm’s deployment of new digital practices and ongoing advanced digital training. The firm is embracing innovative technologies to support its litigation efforts, thereby offering more effective and efficient legal services for clients.

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Peter D. Russin Accepts Panel Invitation from the American Bankruptcy Institute

Peter D. Russin recently accepted an invitation from the American Bankruptcy Institute to participate on a panel at its annual Spring Meeting in Washington, DC, on the impact of using the IRS as a “triggering creditor” under 11 USC 544(b)

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He Wanted a Postcard View of Downtown Miami — and Paid $10 million for it

The buyer was looking for a postcard view of downtown Miami. He got just what he wanted — for a cool $10 million.

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The Story Behind the Rare Retailer Standalone Restructuring

Retailers are collapsing all around us, but the lawyers who helped a small Florida-based shoe chain survive said they relied on a key ingredient: a little civility.

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An Unlimited Reach-Back Period When IRS Is Triggering Creditor?

Using the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as the “triggering creditor” under § 544(b) of the Bankruptcy Code provides a powerful tool for bankruptcy trustees to reach back for periods of 10 or more years in the pursuit of fraudulent conveyances that are otherwise outside the applicable state law statutes of limitation.

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Lessons for Employers from Obama’s Push Back Against Noncompetes

Too many employers overuse noncompete agreements. For example, highprofile companies have recently received negative press for forcing low-level employees, often with limited or no access to proprietary information, to sign noncompete agreements.

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James Moon Joins Board of Directors

Although he is not Jewish, James Moon, a partner with the law firm Meland Russin & Budwick, P.A., makes the case that progressives and LGBTQ in particular can and should support Israel – the only country in the Middle East where LGBTQ can find hope for a valued and respected life.

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As part of its ongoing expansion in response to increased client demand, law firm Meland Russin & Budwick today announced its hiring of attorney Bryan Vega, associate.

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